Haye vs Fury


Haye v Fury (Heavyweight) 28th September 2013

Finally the British public have a domestic heavyweight dust up to look forward to.

Not since Lewis v Bruno has a home-grown fight from the big boys captured the public’s imagination as much.

Haye is a former undisputed cruiserweight and 1 time heavyweight world champion but failed in his biggest fight to date against the still vastly underrated Vladimir Klitschko.

Fury is undefeated in 21 fights (15 k/o’s) but still has massive question marks over his chin having been knocked down by blown up cruiserweight Steve Cunningham before coming back and stopping the American in the 7th. (I won’t mention the singing afterwards).

Fury is a “love him or hate him” person and fighter but I must admit I think he has come across really well in the build-up to this fight and he is also 100% convinced that he is going to win. He is not saying these things to hype up the contest as so many fighters do. In Fury’s mind, he KNOWS he is going to win!

At 6ft 9in and likely to be about 3 stone heavier than Haye, it would be foolish not to try and use his height, reach and weight advantages to try and wear down his opponent looking for a late stoppage or points victory.

However, when this fight was 1st made my initial thought was that Haye would be too quick and too powerful for Fury to be able to handle and despite watching all the build-up (that Fury has clearly won btw), I haven’t changed my mind.


My money will be going on a Haye k/o in each round up to and including the 6th.

However, I also fully expect both fighters to be World champions in the next 12-18 months.